Use It or Lose It, Dental Benefits

It’s a busy time of year for many and it may in fact get even busier as we approach 2019. You may have found yourself putting off important appointments. When it comes to your dental treatment it’s important to know that many if not all non-cosmetic related dental treatment needs will intensify if not treated.

Understanding Your Dental Insurance

Did you know that most dental benefits will renew each year on January 1st. When dental insurance renews you are given a new maximum amount of dental benefits that your insurance will assist with. Unfortunately any benefit money not used will not roll over into the next year. In our opinion it’s essentially like throwing away your hard earned money.

Now is the time to use it or lose it when it comes to your dental benefits. It’s a time to get in your second dental cleaning of the year or complete necessary treatment. If you are not sure about your benefits, what you have left or outstanding treatment always consult with your dental provider. Trident General Dentistry has 5 convenient locations in Charleston, SC and a team to help you along the way.

Stop putting off your treatment and call today. Trident General Dentistry looks forward to providing excellent care for you and your family.